Gabrielle Kimm
His Last Duchess
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Historical Fiction

When 16-year-old Lucrezia de’ Medici marries the fifth Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso d’Este, she imagines life with her handsome husband will be idyllic. But the marriage is fraught with difficulties from the start, and, as time passes, Lucrezia becomes increasingly alienated. For Alfonso, the pressure mounts as the Vatican threatens to reclaim his title should the couple remain unable to produce an heir.
Only his lover Francesca seems able to tame his increasing fury. But Alfonso’s growing resentment towards his duchess soon becomes unbearable, and he begins to plot an unthinkable way to escape his problems.

What the critics say:

Kimm ... writes with elegance and seductive charm as she weaves her magic on a rich and colourful story of love and hatred, obsession and intrigue. - Lancashire Evening Post

10 CD s
OCD 607 • 978-0-85735-661-1

Playing time: 11hrs 50mins

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