George R. R. Martin
A Storm of Swords: Book 3, Part 1 of A Song of Ice and Fire
Read by Roy Dotrice
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The third volume in George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire continues this exotic and mesmerising saga. The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud, and winter approaches like an angry beast. Beyond the northern borders, to gather in the ice and stone wasteland of the Frostfangs. From there, the renegade Brother Mance Rayder will lead them south towards the Wall. Robb Stark wears his new-forged crown in the Kingdom of the North, but his defences are ranged against attack from the south, the land of House Stark’s enemies the Lannisters. His sisters are trapped there, dead or likely yet to die, at the whim of the Lannister boy-king Joffrey or his depraved mother Cersei, regent of the Iron Throne. And Daenerys Stormborn will return to the land of her birth to avenge the murder of her father, the last Dragon King on the Iron Throne.

What the critics say:

‘Of those who work in the grand epic fantasy tradition, George R.R. Martin is by far the best’ - Time Magazine

‘Colossal, staggering… all the intoxicating complexity of the Wars of the Roses or Imperial Rome’ - SFX

‘The sheer mind-boggling scope of this epic has sent other fantasy writers away shaking their heads… Its ambition: to construct the Twelve Caesars of fantasy fiction, with characters so venomous they could eat the Borgias’ - Guardian

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OCD 569 • 978-0-85735-598-0

Playing time: 23hrs 48mins

This audio book contains strong language and/or explicit scenes

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