Raymond E. Feist
A Kingdom Besieged: Midkemian Trilogy 1
Read by Peter Joyce
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The original black Magician, Pug, and his motley crew of agents safeguard the world of Triagia, in the first book of the last ever Midkemian trilogy. The Darkness is coming ... The Kingdom is plagued by rumour and instability. Kingdom spies in Kesh have been disappearing. Information has become scant and unreliable; but one thing appears clear. Dark forces are on the move ... Since Pug and the Conclave of Shadows enforced peace after the last Keshian invasion, the Empire has offered no threat. But now factions are rising and Jim Dasher reports mobilisations of large forces in the Keshian Confederacy. As the men of the West answer the King’s call to muster, Martin conDoin – left as caretaker of Crydee Keep – will suddenly be confronted with the vanguard of an invading army. Massive events are about to unfold, events which threaten the future of all human life in Midkemia...

What the critics say:

‘File under guilty pleasure’ - Guardian

‘Get in at the start of a master’s new series’ - Daily Sport

‘Well-written and distinctly above average… intelligent… intriguing.’ - Publishers Weekly

‘ Epic scope…vivid imagination…a significant contribution to the growth of the field of fantasy.’ - Washington Post

9 CD s
OCD 559 • 978-0-85735-589-8

Playing time: 11hrs 16mins

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