Francesca Hornak
Seven Days of Us
Read by Jilly Bond
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General Fiction

It’s Christmas, and the Birch family is gathering for the first time in years. Emma is elated at having everybody under one roof, but her oldest child, Olivia, is only home because she’s just returned from treating an epidemic abroad and must stay in quarantine for a week. So, too, should her family, and for the next seven days, no one can leave the house and no one can enter. It doesn’t sound too hard. But a week with your nearest and dearest can feel like an eternity, especially when they’re all harbouring secrets. One of whom is about to come knocking at their door ...

8 CD s
OCD 1321 • 978-1-78706-625-0

2 MP3CD s
OMP 1321 • 978-1-78706-661-8
Playing time: 9hrs 30mins

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This audio book contains strong language and/or explicit scenes

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