Carol McGrath
The Woman in the Shadows
Read by Charlotte Strevens
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Historical Fiction

When beautiful cloth merchantís daughter Elizabeth Williams is widowed at the age of twenty-two, she is determined to succeed in the business she has learned from her father. But many are opposed to a woman making her own way in the world, and Elizabeth could have powerful enemies Ė enemies who know the truth about her late husband. Then Elizabeth meets kindly, ambitious merchant turned lawyer, Thomas Cromwell. Their marriage is based on mutual love and respect Ö but it isnít easy being the wife of an influential, headstrong man in Henry VIIIís London. The city is filled with ruthless people and strange delights Ė and Elizabeth must adjust to the life she has chosen, or risk losing everything.

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OCD 1300 • 978-1-78706-499-7

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OMP 1300 • 978-1-78706-535-2
Playing time: 11hrs 41mins

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