ChloŽ Mayer
The Boy Made of Snow
Read by Joe Jameson
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General Fiction

In a sleepy English village in 1944, Annabel and her son Daniel live in the shadow of war. With her husband away, Annabel withdraws into long-ago memories of happier times. When mother and son befriend Hans, a German PoW consigned to a nearby farm, their lives are suddenly filled with thrilling secrets. To Annabel, Hans is an awakening from the darkness that has engulfed her since Danielís birth. To her son, a solitary boy caught up in the magical world of fairy tales, he is perhaps a prince in disguise or a mythical woodchopper. But Hans has plans of his own and will soon set them into motion with chilling consequences.

9 CD s
OCD 1298 • 978-1-78706-497-3

2 MP3CD s
OMP 1298 • 978-1-78706-533-8
Playing time: 10hrs 50mins

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