Rachel Crowther
Every Secret Thing
Read by Rachel Atkins
Price: £49.00 CD / £49.00 MP3CD (all prices +VAT)
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General Fiction

Five friends, newly graduated, travel together to the Lake District. Young and ambitious, they little imagine the events that will overtake them that fateful summer, tearing their fragile group apart. Twenty years later, they return to the same spot, summoned by a mysterious bequest. It’s not long before old friendships – and old romances – are re-kindled. But soon, too, rivalries begin to emerge and wounds are painfully reopened … How long does it take for past sins to be forgiven? And can the things they destroy ever really be recovered?

What the critics say:

‘The very best sort of fiction’ - Juliet Nicolson

9 CD s
OCD 1293 • 978-1-78706-492-8

2 MP3CD s
OMP 1293 • 978-1-78706-528-4
Playing time: 11hrs 12mins

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