Ali Sparkes
Read by Rosie Jones
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What if your new best friend was a ghost? Getting struck by lightning isnít exactly how Alisha and Theo planned to get out of sports day. Surviving the strike makes them see life differently. It also makes them notice Doug and Lizzie. Struck by lightning under that same tree in 1975, the two teenagers have been hanging out there ever since. But something sinister is going on at school Ė although only Theo and Alisha seem to be able to see it. Are these phantoms really the harbingers of doom for all the kids at Beechwood Junior?

Interest Age 9+

4 CD s
COCD 471 • 978-1-78706-327-3

COMP 471 • 978-1-78706-339-6
Playing time: 4hrs 27mins

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