SJI Holliday
The Damselfly
Read by Jenny Dunbar
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Katie Taylor is the perfect student – bright, funny and with a boyfriend who adores her. But when she is found dead, the small town of Banktoun must face yet another tragedy. New school counsellor Polly McAllister – recently returned to Banktoun to make amends in her own personal life – is thrown in at the deep end, but soon uncovers a multitude of murky secrets. Did Katie have enemies? Is her boyfriend really so squeaky clean? And who is her brother’s mysterious friend? With Banktoun inflamed by gossip and a social media mob in a frenzy, DS Davie Gray and DC Louise Jennings must work out who murdered Katie before someone takes matters into their own hands …

7 CD s
OCD 1260 • 978-1-78706-377-8

OMP 1260 • 978-1-78706-413-3
Playing time: 8hrs 15mins

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This audio book contains strong language and/or explicit scenes

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