Steve Cole
Invisible Inc.
Read by The Author
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Chaos, wizardry and a gang of kind-of ghosts are the stars of this hilarious adventure. Noah’s mum’s new invention can zap ANYTHING into a ghost of its former self. It’s still there, but you can’t see it and you can’t touch it. When sinister ‘Seerblight Solutions’ steal her invention, Noah himself is zapped – and he’s not the first to have been turned ‘invisible’ through the ages. The world is in terrible danger. But with a medieval knight, a Victorian inventor, a poetic pony, an ordinary boy and, of course, Invisible Inc. – they can save the world.

Interest age: 7+

4 CD s
COCD 446 • 978-1-78706-053-1

COMP 446 • 978-1-78706-065-4
Playing time: 4hrs 30mins

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