Tom Banks
The Great Galloon and the Pirate Queen
Read by The Author
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In the final showdown between the Great Galloon and the evil crew of the Sumbaroon, Captain Anstruther and the crew of his Great Galloon have trapped the evil Zebediah and his Sumbaroon - at last they will rescue the captain’s stolen bride, Isabella! But the Sumbaroon sprouts mechanical legs and escapes over land. Stanley and Rasmussen are determined to stop Zebediah from taking over the Great Galloon, but can they figure out how to do it?

Interest age: 7+

What the critics say:

‘Tom Banks’s first novel is a rollicking adventure’ – The Observer

3 CD s
COCD 417 • 978-178433-807-7

COMP 417 • 978-178433-819-0
Playing time: 3hrs 30mins

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