Marianne Levy
Ellie May Would Like to be Taken Seriously for a Change
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Dear Everybody,
Iím an incredibly famous film star! I get to sign autographs and be in magazines and I have my very own chaperone. Hooray! But I am also a very serious person. I love nature. I have a bag decorated with butterflies. Did you know that butterflies turn into caterpillars? Amazingly amazing! And thatís why Iím helping to save a nature reserve. Iíve never saved anything before, but it canít be very hard ...can it?

Love, Ellie May xxx

Interest age: 7+

What the critics say:

Ď ... a total antidote to pre-teen chick-lit and celebrity culture.í Ė

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COCD 283 • 978-0-85735-792-2

Playing time: 1hr 40mins

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