John Major
My Old Man: A Personal History of Music Hall
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Former prime minister John Major takes a remarkable journey into his own unconventional family to tell the richly colourful story of the British music hall. Vast, smoke-filled auditoriums were packed every night throughout Britain.This was the world that John Major’s father Tom entered at the age of 21 as a comedian and singer. Here the former prime minister tells his father’s story as a springboard for an entertaining history of the music hall. Packed with colourful anecdotes, this warm-hearted account captures a golden, bygone age of entertainment.

What the critics say:

‘ ... wonderfully warm-hearted ... compassionate ... fascinating ... Major nobly honours his parents and the life they lived in these pages ... the affection is palpable’ – Guardian

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OCD 632 • 978-0-85735-709-0

Playing time: 13hrs 43mins

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