About Us

Established in 2005, Oakhill Publishing offers a large selection of complete and unabridged audio books, which represent quality and choice for a demanding market.

We have a range of adult books from historical fiction to contemporary crime thrillers, and some of the latest non-fiction titles. We also have a growing collection of children's books.

At Oakhill we pride ourselves on bringing new releases to the audio book market and ensure our CDs are produced and recorded to impeccable standards. We take care of our customers, which is why we offer a free lifetime replacement and servicing policy should you ever need it.

How can I order Oakhill Audio Books?

You can order a title directly, through your local library or selected titles are available to download from Audible.

To order choose one of the following options:
• Post your order to Oakhill Publishing Ltd, PO Box 3855, Bath BA1 3WW
• Email your order to info@oakhillpublishing.com
• Fax your order to 01225 874 442
• Call us on 01225 874 355

Order adult audio books online

Order children's audio books online

How can I save my library money?

  • Place a Standing Order and save up to 20%

How else can Oakhill help my library?
Oakhill Audio can benefit your library in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Full servicing to your own specification is available

  • We can supply individual replacement CD and MP3-CD discs. These are free of charge for current standing order customers, but a charge of £4.95 per disc will made for non-standing order customers.

  • Oakhill Audio Books are forever – you can order replacement boxes, covers and sleeves for a small charge at any time in the life of your audio book

  • MARC records are available – please ring for details

  • Free delivery throughout the UK

  • An Oakhill Audio Book is for life -When you buy an Oakhill cassette or CD you do so safe in the knowledge that an Oakhill Audio Book is for life - any component can be replaced at any time.

  • We use only the highest quality cassette shells, tape, CDs and plastic boxes