Friendship, forbidden love and a fascinating fraudster all feature in Oakhill’s latest publishing – as well as some furry adventurers and a freaky village!

Highlights include Out of Practice, by Penny Parkes, a feel-good story about a GP who relocates with her husband and young twins to join The Practice in Larkford. Village life is not what she expected – but with the support of her friends and colleagues, it might be just what she needs.

In Louise Brown’s Eden Gardens, Maisy, her Mam and her ayah Pushpa struggle to get by in 1940s Calcutta. Mam hopes that Maisy will restore their fortunes with a rich husband, but a passionate affair with her Indian tutor sets her life on a very different track.

Robin Quinn’s The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo tells the extraordinary true story of Charles Deville Wells, the charismatic Victorian con man and gambler who took on Monte Carlo’s famous casino – and won.

Younger listeners will love Gill Lewis’s duo of doggy tales, Scout and the Sausage Thief & Star on Stormy Mountain, in which puppies Scout and Star solve a mystery and set off on a rescue mission. And in Abie Longstaff’s How to Catch a Witch, Charlie has just moved house and she’s not happy. The new cottage is creepy, the villagers are weird, and she’s sure that one of them is a witch...

For details of these and all our titles take a look at our online catalogue and see for yourself the superb range of titles and genres. Most recordings are on MP3 CD too. (And although we no longer produce cassette editions, rest assured that Oakhill’s lifetime replacement service continues as before).

The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
Robin Quinn
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
Charles Deville Wells has two loves in life: Jeannette, his beautiful French mistress, and his sumptuous yacht, the Palais Royal. At the risk of losing both, Wells stakes everything he owns at the rou... More>
Eden Gardens
Louise Brown
Eden Gardens
Eden Gardens, Calcutta, the 1940s. In a ramshackle house, streets away from the grand colonial mansions of the British, live Maisy, her Mam and their ayah, Pushpa. Whiskey-fuelled and poverty-stricken... More>
Puppy Academy: Scout and the Sausage Thief & Star on a Stormy Mountain
Gill Lewis
Puppy Academy: Scout and the Sausage Thief & Star on a Stormy Mountain
Puppies to the rescue! Scout is excited about the day ahead at the Sausage Dreams Puppy Academy because today she’s taking an important test on her way to becoming a police dog, and there’s a mysterio... More>
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