A military wife, a country vet and a woman haunted by her past are among the captivating characters in Oakhill’s latest publishing – plus a secret agent teddybear and the ugliest pets ever!

Eve's War collects together the diaries of army wife Evelyn Shillington from 1935 to 1947. Ranging from the abdication crisis to World War Two and its aftermath, it is a fascinating first-hand account of everyday life during wartime.

Lucy Daniels’ Summer at Hope Meadows is a heartwarming story of friendship and romance, featuring newly-qualified vet Mandy Hope, who returns to her home village to help in her parents’ surgery.

In Michel Bussi’s Time is a Killer, Clotilde returns to Corsica, where her family was killed in a car crash in 1989. Now, in 2016, she receives a letter – from her mother. As if she was still alive …

Younger listeners will love Mark Powers’ Spy Toys: faulty toys who are plucked from the reject pile and given a very special mission. Meanwhile, in Hannah Shaw’s The Scruffs & The Scruffs: Showtime!, a gang of misfit pets give pedigree puss Ursula a ‘make-under’ and solve a dastardly crime at Wufts.

For details of these and all our audio books, please consult our online catalogue, with an unrivalled range of titles and genres. Most of our recordings are also on MP3 CD. Although Oakhill no longer produces cassette editions, we continue to offer a free lifetime replacement service.

Summer at Hope Meadows
Lucy Daniels
Summer at Hope Meadows
Newly qualified vet Mandy Hope is leaving Leeds – and her boyfriend Simon – to return to the Yorkshire village she grew up in, where she’ll help out with the animals in her parents’ surgery. But she c... More>
The Scruffs & The Scruffs: Showtime!
Hannah Shaw
The Scruffs & The Scruffs: Showtime!
Meet the Scruffs - the ugliest pets ever! There’s a new addition to the Pet Shop, Lady, a beautiful, pedigree cat with shiny fur and polished paws. But when there’s trouble, Lady saves the day and pro... More>
Time is a Killer
Michel Bussi
Time is a Killer
Summer 1989. Fifteen-year-old Clotilde is on holiday with her parents in Corsica. On a twisty mountain road, their car comes off at a curve and plunges into a ravine. Only Clotilde survives. Twenty-se... More>
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