Intrigue, romance, real life adventure and magic are all on offer in Oakhillís latest publishing.

Here are just some of the highlights!

After the Second World War medical experts were astonished to find Britain in better health than ever before, despite earlier fears that rationing, bombing and disease would result in a national health disaster! Laura Dawesís Fighting Fit: The Battle for Britainís Health, reveals this extraordinary story.

Art history and crime fiction collide in Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi. In Giverny, home of artist Claude Monet and his famous waterlily garden, a manís body is discovered, in his pocket a postcard of Monetís Waterlilies. Entangled in the mystery are three women and a rumoured painting of Black Water Lilies.

In her collection of 11 remarkable stories, The Boy Who Could See Death, Salley Vickers explores bereavement and betrayal, secrets and gossip, endings and beginnings. Thereís the tale of Eli, a boy with an extraordinary gift; Francesca, a kleptomaniac spinster and the recently widowed Frances and her imaginary boyfriend.

For younger listeners: magic and circuses! In Mr Baboomski and the Wonder Goat by Richard Joyce Berto Baboomski and his performing goat Zoltan, together with young Tom, save the town from some fishy goings on! And in Anne Michaelsí The Adventures of Miss Petitfour we meet an unusual lady. All she needs is a tablecloth, a breeze, and her many, many cats to fly off on an adventure.

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Fighting Fit: The Wartime Battle for Britainís Health
Laura Dawes
Fighting Fit: The Wartime Battle for Britainís Health
At the beginning of the Second World War, medical experts predicted epidemics of physical and mental illness on the home front. Rationing would decimate the nationís health, they warned; drugs, blood ... More>
Mr Baboomski and the Wonder Goat
Richard Joyce
Mr Baboomski and the Wonder Goat
Tomís fed up when his Dad moves them to Trefuggle Bay. But then he meets two unusual new friends. In an old caravan at the end of a cliff live two legends of the Escorvian circus. The amazing Berto Ba... More>
The Boy Who Could See Death
Salley Vickers
The Boy Who Could See Death
Eli is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary gift. It will shape the course of his whole life. Cousin Francesca, a charming spinster and a favourite with the children, is harbouring kleptomaniac tende... More>
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