Benchmark birthdays, a body in a millpond and the BBC’s wartime broadcasts all feature in Oakhill’s latest publishing – as well as two bewitching tales of magic and imagination.

Cathy Kelly’s latest bestseller The Year that Changed Everything sees three women celebrating their 30th , 40th and 50th birthdays – but their special days mark the start of a year that will change their lives …

Murder at the Mill by M. B. Shaw is a cosy mystery featuring artist-turned- sleuth Iris Grey, who finds herself investigating a mysterious death in a country village.

Edward Stourton’s Auntie’s War: The BBC During the Second World War tells the true story of the role the wireless played in World War Two. Using archives, diaries, letters and memoirs, Stourton examines what the BBC stood for; and gives incomparable insight into today’s broadcast culture.

For younger listeners, Kaye Umansky’s Witch for a Week sees Elsie finding out that house-sitting for the local witch is not as easy as she first thought, while Kate Saunders’ The Land of Neverendings introduces a world of imagination, silliness and adventure, where sadness need not cancel out happiness.

For details of these and all our audio books, please consult our online catalogue, with an unrivalled range of titles and genres. Most of our recordings are also on MP3 CD. Although Oakhill no longer produces cassette editions, we continue to offer a free lifetime replacement service.

Auntie’s War: The BBC During the Second World War
Edward Stourton
Auntie’s War: The BBC During the Second World War
The British Broadcasting Corporation is a British institution, and its story during the Second World War is also our story. This was a period of remarkable voices: Churchill’s speeches, de Gaulle’s br... More>
The Land of Neverendings
Kate Saunders
The Land of Neverendings
The cat flap opened. Emily thought a wild animal was coming into the house. But the muddy creature that climbed through had four little wheels and a tail. What if there exists a world powered by imagi... More>
Murder at the Mill
M. B. Shaw
Murder at the Mill
Iris Grey arrives at Mill Cottage in a picture-perfect Hampshire village, looking to escape from her crumbling marriage. She is drawn to the neighbouring Wetherby family, and is commissioned to paint ... More>
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